Jewish way of thinking: Types and instruments, Izchok Adirim

Iznākusi jauna grāmata angļu valodā – “Jewish way of thinking: Types and instruments”. Tā iepazīstina ar jaunu intelekta un apziņas doktrīnas paradigmu, kurai, no vienas puses, ir ebreju saknes, bet, no otras puses, tā tiecas pēc pavisam citiem mērķiem. Grāmatas lasītājs uzzina, ko un kā var mācīties no ebreju tautas.



The book presents a new paradigm of the doctrine of intelligence and consciousness, which, on the one hand, has Jewish roots, and on the other, pursues completely different goals. It shows a complete picture of thinking, encompassing many ways of thinking, approaches and methods. In each type of thinking, positive and negative qualities were highlighted.


It is a symbiosis of Jewish teaching and modern intellectual teaching with the foundations of the teaching about consciousness. Here Jewish teaching becomes a legacy. Jewish traits are always and everywhere emphasized. The most important thing is a balance in the assessment of Jewish thinking. Where and why are Jews smart or ... not quite?


The book aims not only at explaining individual thinking skills, but also collective mental achievement. The main focus is on the creation of synergy, its emergence and development. The result is a national stereotype of thinking aimed at creating and using a complex effect of integrity. It is he who explains the cognitive achievements of the Jews as a result of social intelligence and consciousness!

Jewish way of thinking: Types and instruments, Izchok Adirim

  • Nosaukums: Jewish way of thinking: Types and instruments
    Autors: Izchok Adirim
    Formāts: 148 x 210 mm
    Apjoms: 484 lpp
    Cietie vāki
    ISBN: 978-9934-604-49-2
    Izdošanas gads: 2022