Vlada Horoshevska, "How I became a human. AGAIN"

Vlada Horoshevska, "How I became a human. AGAIN"

  • Autors: How I became a human. AGAIN

    Nosaukums: How I became a human. AGAIN

    Izdošanas gads: 2020

    Formāts: 148 x 210 mm

    Apjoms: 284 lpp

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  • The book is rather a warm conversation with a close friend. This is what she would say if we met face to face over a cup of tea to discuss some vital things. The original copy of this book is written in Russian, even though it is not her first or native language. She mastered the speech at a young age, but began to learn writing only at the age of 17.

    This is what the book is about. How to overcome yourself, look at the situation from a different angle, learn something new, not give up, and, in the end, to gain more benefit from what you’ve done. Benefit for yourself to become a better person. To live in a state of "Knee-deep into the sea. The sky is the limit.”

    More about the book and author herself, you can find: www.horoshevska.com